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Pilates at Kate's

Pilates Studio Bournemouth

 Welcome to the studio! Whether you want the support of one-to-one training on the Specialist Pilates Equipment, or are looking for a focused Group Mat Class, this is a space where you can use the Pilates approach to get your body to move with greater ease and strength.​



Comprehensively trained with Pilates Foundation, you can be confident you are in safe hands -  whatever your movement needs, I can help.

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Specialist Pilates Equipment

One, two or three people can train in the studio using the springs resistance of the Reformer, Cadillac and Chair

Mat Pilates

In a small group with plenty of individual guidance - show up to the mat, connect in with your body and prepare to move with strength and coordination



Sue, Operations Manager, 51

I am hooked on Pilates thanks to Kate. In both individual sessions and in class she tailors movements to suit me. My core stability has improved and I love the feeling of coming out of class lighter and taller.


Andy, Air Traffic Controller, 53

As an ultra marathon endurance runner, but a Pilates beginner, Kate developed an excellent plan for our 1:1 sessions. Even after only a few months I was much stronger. Ever smiling, Kate is an amazing teacher who really makes each session work for you – highly recommended. Andy, 49


Stella, Retired

I can recommend the bones and balance class as Kate makes the sessions very enjoyable and fully explains each move and what benefit there will be to muscles and joints  in order to  try and improve strength and balance. Gentle and repetitive exercises over the last few weeks have really helped my overall daily moving about and I look forward to progressing to more classes in the future.

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