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Meet Kate

I trained for over 1500 hours to qualify as a Comprehensive Pilates Foundation Teacher - the ‘gold standard’ of Pilates training. With a mix of anatomy and physiology theory, practical training, case studies and exams It qualifies me to work with a wide range of clients so that whatever your movement needs - I can help. ​

I have experience working with children, teens and at the opposite end of the spectrum, octogenarians; clients living with Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, Osteo Arthritis, Disc issues, those with scoliosis or hypermobility;  clients either waiting for or recovering from surgery such as discectomy, hip and knee replacements, as well as those with more general back issues. I teach  movement which will alleviate symptoms by building strength exactly where it is needed. This is never a generic Pilates Class - I use my depth of knowledge and teaching skills to adapt the work to whatever needs you may have.

A large number of clients I help are fit and well and simply want to move better – many are looking for a ‘stronger core’ - or have been told they need one - without necessarily understanding what that is! I can teach you. A big part of classes at Pilates at Kate’s is understanding your body, sensing which muscles are working and reducing excess unnecessary tension. 

My approach is deeply grounded in Joe Pilates’ original principles of whole body health for life. You will gain physical strength and flexibility, but also experience the calm of a focussed hour of nourishing movement.

When teaching I work precisely and carefully, paying attention to your breath and alignment - it’s the details that make the difference in Pilates. And most of all, I pay attention to you - it is your body, your class and I aim to help you move in the best possible way.

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