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Group Classes

Build your movement skills in a supportive friendly group class

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Stable Start Mat Class

Stable Start classes are for people fairly new to Pilates and those successfully managing injuries. These sessions will help you understand what your core or centre actually is and introduce you to the Pilates exercises and breathing patterns. Gradually as you progress at this level, aches and pains start to fade away, you gain a better awareness of your own posture and how to move better through your day, standing taller and feeling stronger.

Precision and Flow Classes

Precision and Flow Class exercises build on this understanding and are more challenging in terms of load, precision and choreography. Guaranteed to leave you with a feel good glow having connected deeply to your core and been guided through some challenging sequences.

Yoga Class

Bones & Balance

Bones & Balance Classes are mostly for the over sixties. They are shorter classes held twice a week and all the exercises are done standing. We work on breath, mobility, strength, coordination and balance to improve posture and ease aches and pains. Do not be fooled - these classes can be strenuous and do achieve great results. We are in the serious business of preventing falls in later life within a wonderfully supportive community. The classes are run in line with exercise guidelines published by the Royal Osteoporosis Society, and are recommended for all over sixties who prefer a standing class.

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