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How do online classes work?

Distant, but connected - how an online class works

To begin with, please remember I am a real person with a real business and I am happy to talk you through anything you need to know! This however should get you started.

When you first book online using the website you receive an email with your zoom link. Keep this safe as you will need it each time you join a class online. You will also be asked to complete a welcome form. Please submit this well in advance of class starting - it is for your safety and a pre-requisite for insurance. 

 If you haven't used 'zoom' before, just go to and download it on your laptop, tablet or smartphone - whatever you will be using as your screen.

Clear yourself a safe space for class with a mat if you have one, and position your screen so that you are framed and you can see the screen well. Turn the volume up on your device so you can hear me well!

Around ten minutes before class click on your class link in the email I sent you. Before long, other classmates will join and we can say hello and check in with each other. Once class starts, I 'spotlight' my video. This means that each of you is only seeing me on the screen, but I can see all of you to ensure you are moving well and can help out with any difficulties. It also helps me gauge class and how you are all doing! During class you can always ask questions or chip in by switching your microphone back on. We finish class together, and look forward to meeting again!

We currently hold online classes at the following levels

Stable Start    Bones & Balance    Precision & Flow

Do I need a 1-1?

Wondering how you will follow class or whether it will be safe for you?

The first thing I would say is that your body is precious and worth investing in! If in doubt, please do ask about working 1-1 either regularly or just to get you started. If you are not carrying any injuries and you are familiar with the Pilates method then you are probably fine to join a group class. Otherwise, talk to me and we can decide together. Please be assured I won't try to sell you a 1-1 unnecessarily - if I suggest it then it will be because I believe it will be your best start in terms of movement. There is never any obligation to continue as you book each 1-1 individually at a time that suits you.

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